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 The Domaine de Malaric's history

The domaine de Malaric is a pluri-centuries old family-owned farm, located in Uzès, Gard. The oldest building date from the 17th century, the silkworm farm from 1758 and the other buildings from the late 18th century.

Throughout its history, the domaine has had many activities and variable extent: mainly vines but also silkworms, kiwi and other fruits (apricot, cherry, fig ...) on surfaces varying from 15 hectares to more than a hundred. A bed and breakfast activity has also existed for more than ten years.

In 2004, we took over the domaine, the majority of which was no longer cultivated, to create an olive grove.

Today, the domaine extends over 25 hectares of agricultural land, planted with 3,500 olive trees, hundreds of vines and a few fruit trees. Some pieces of land also produce cereals.

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